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Hailing from Texas, Virginia Mueller debuted in the world of writing with her first novelette, titled, For My Sisters. Her book outlines a great fictional revenge story for sale on Amazon and with Barnes and Noble online. At the moment, she is proud to add her current accomplishment of a fiction sci-fi novel to her collection, titled, The Water Villain: Genesis.

Having attended classes at the former Learning Leisure Unlimited and the wonderful Rice University to receive her writing studies—both located in Houston, Texas—she now finds herself busy penning down new gripping stories that will keep her readers gripping the edges of their seats.


Virginia Mueller is a bonafide fictional writer currently focusing on the genres like crime, mystery, thriller, and suspense. In the future, she plans to explore genres like fantasy, children, and fairy tales. And finally, she hopes to go through writing her memoir.

For the summer of 2023, Virginia decided to sign up for a weeklong hands-on forensics class in Las Vegas. This, she hopes, will provide her with more in-depth visual and impact results in elaborating future stories for her great readers.

Virginia received her education in Houston, Texas. She has indicated having a dream to become employed with a media production as a part of the writing group for the TV productions for CSI, Cold Case Files, FBI: Most Wanted, and Criminal Minds. In addition to her writing and desire to wind down after a long day, Virginia loves creating fashion jewelry from her home in Montgomery, Tx, under the name “Virgie’s Trinkets and Such.” The website for her store is currently in the works.

Virginia started out with her first publication in 2021 with a cookbook from Morris Press Cookbooks. Her second published novelette, “For My Sisters,” with Outskirtspress came out shortly afterward in the same year. Virginia plans for this novelette to become a screenplay in the future. She had her first radio interview with Yaya Diamonds Dream Chasers in late December 2022. This interview can be found on YouTube under “Exposing the Inequality ‘For My Sisters” by author Virginia Mueller.”

In the interview, she talks about “For My Sisters” and mentions her future story novels. For her latest work, Virginia has completed her first sci-fi novel, ‘Water Villain: Genesis.’ The book is currently in finalization and the printing stage through Aspire Publishing.

Being the author of two published books is a huge achievement in itself!

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